Do you know what a bladder diary is? Why you are asked to fill in a bladder diary? In this blog I will explain it all. I will also tell you what I think is the best free bladder diary app.

What is a bladder diary?

A bladder diary is a list. You fill in for example how often and when you need to void and how much you drink. But also if you have lost urine and when.

There are a lot of different bladder diaries. The differences are mainly on items that are asked beside voiding and fluid intake. Usually a bladder diary is filled in for 2 to 3 days.


Why a bladder diary?

Filling in a bladder diary is quite a task. But it gives a doctor or pelvic physiotherapist a lot of important information on your voiding behaviour and habits. With this information they can help you better.

A paper bladder diary or an app?

The bladder diary is often still filled in on paper. Ofcourse this is fine, but why not use an app? Nearly everybody has a cell phone this day and age. So an app can be handy for a lot of people. An advantage for your healthcare provider is that the totals of the volumes are already calculated in some app. That saves time. Time that can be better used to help …. You!

I want to know what I recommend my patients. Therefor I researched what free apps are available for IOS and Android in English. Beforehand I made a list with items I think are essential in an app. Not only voiding and fluid intake, but also:

  • User friendliness
  • Calculation of totals
  • Privacy statement

(If I have forgotten an app this is not on purpose. Please comment, so I can have a look at it)


I found and reviewed 8 apps in total. The best app for IOS I think is from Vesica. It is nearly complete and has a nice layout and privacy is protected. For Android I didn’t find a free app with a privacy statement. This is quite a negative point. If you don’t mind I recommend the UriTrack app.


I have made a short video on the Vesica app. In the video you can see exactly how the app works. If you click on the video above you can see it.